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About KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association


The main purpose of the Association is to provide an organization through which the Alumni of KV NAD Vizag around the world, and faculty, staff and students of the school can interact with each other for mutual benefit and to further the objectives outlined in the Mission Statement, which are as follows:

  • Alumni: To facilitate improvement in networking among alumni with the following purposes in view:
    • Provide a platform for social & professional interactions and enable higher levels of interactions among ex-students and alumni members
    • Enable interactions between alumni members and ex-students for mutual benefit in academic and professional areas
    • Provide assistance to existing and ex-students towards better professional life
  • School: To facilitate and encourage alumni to contribute towards improvement in the status of the school in areas pertaining to academics, infrastructure, industry interactions and any other area that the alumni and the school feel appropriate.
  • Students: To render assistance to students of the school through grants, scholarships and prizes and to provide assistance in academics, placement or any other area that is felt appropriate by the association and the school. The association shall also work towards better interaction between the alumni and existing students by providing forums and creating opportunities for such interactions.
  • Society: To encourage and facilitate the alumni and existing students taking up activities geared to improve society at large – particularly environment, literacy and the underprivileged sections of society.
  • Other: To further such objectives as the Association Committee along with school management may decide from time to time.

Alumni updates;

  • KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association Committee will be soon formed and the committee will be responsible for the functioning of the association.
  • Alumni committee will also be consisting of sub teams which will be taking care of specific functions within the association.
  • Official alumni website will soon be launched –
  • Alumni are planning a mega event to felicitate teachers and to organize a reunion from 1991 batch.
  • All alumni correspondence can be emailed to
  • You can call xxxxxx (Alumni Mobile Number) for any information regarding the Alumni Association.


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