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KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association - Big Event


Big Event on Saturday 9 January 2010 and Sunday 10 January 2010

Big Event that we are talking about is nothing but its a one of its kind of an event that will be remebered forever and which will remaind as one of the historical events that KV NAD Vizag has ever witnessed.

Big Event comprises of 2 main events:

1) Felicitaion of our dear and beloved teacher
2) Reunion of KV NAD Vizag students from Batch 1985 to 2008

Coming to Felicitation fo teachers, you can have a look at the list of teachers who will be felicitated. And all the ex-students are coardially invited to attend the event. But at the same time we need help from all the ex-students of KV NAD Vizag who are in Vizag to assist the core team to organise the event.

Each teacher witll be felicitated with a certificate and cashemere shawl.

We have not yet come up with the event plan but soon it will be published.


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