Dear Friends & Teachers,
KV NAD Vizag / Alumni

This is a special page made for a unique cause.

It’s a terrible loss to all of us as we have lost our dear friend and ex-student Shebu Varkey (Batch 1998) in an unfortunate accident on 24 August 2016. At 33, Shebu was the most lovable human being who happened to be our childhood friend, classmate, senior or junior in our school days. Not just that but he was loving student to all of our teachers. He was not only lovable but he was the most generous and loving human being we’ve come across in our life. Even though he is not with us on this earth today but we know we are going to reunite with Shibu in eternal pastures of heaven in the presence of our God.

Shebu was a core alumni member and he was a part of all alumni events. Shebu always extended his support and assistance during all Alumni event and is known to most seniors and juniors from 1st batch till late 2015.

As most of you know, Shebu is survived with his wife and 6 yrs odl daughter Joanna living along with Shebu’s mother in an apartment in Vizag. We as Alumni Association and as friends would like to extend our help to Shebu’s daughter Joana Ann, who is 6 yrs old, by funding her education as a token of love and friendship to our dear friend Shebu.

Shebu’s mother and wife have kindly accepted our request to open a special account made especially for Girl Child in State Bank Of India — Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, a Government of India initiative. Please read more about this account by clicking here.

According to the T&Cs we could pledge/fund/deposit/donate amount only for 14 yrs from the time account is opened. The account reaches maturity in the 21st year. So, we can pledge/fund/deposit/donate amount from the year 2017 till 2031 (14 yrs) and from then on the till 21st year i.e. till 2038 Government of India would add annual interest till maturity.

We sincerely hope that your pledge/donation/contribution would help Joana pursue her higher education and also help her with academic needs.

We would like to start at minimum Rs 100 per month i.e. Rs 1200 per year. In 8 years the total amount that you would pledge/donation/contribution will add up to Rs 16,800. So, if you pledge/donation/contribution Rs 1200 per year, in 8 years, you will contribute Rs 16,800 for the education fund.

Here is a simple calculation of how an individual donation would look like after 14 years:

Long term:

We are looking for at least 25 to 30 dedicated donars who would like to pledge/donation/contribution Rs 1200 per year for the next 14 years. You can make Rs 1200 donation every year or you can opt to make donation of Rs 16,800 in one go or you can also divide the amount into 2, 3, 4, 5 payments according to your financial planning.

One time donation: (for those who cannot join the 14 yrs donation plan)
If you cannot afford in the above donation model but if wish to donate little money then you are welcome to do so as well.

We would share Bank Account details only with those who are genuinely interested in supporting this cause. So, please fill the below form and we would come back to you with more information.

If you have any queries then please send us a message on KV NAD Vizag Alumni official Facebook account at or in our Alumni WhatsApp group or email us at

We hope that you would lend your hand in this initiative and contribute to this fund to help our dear friend Shibu whose absence is still unbelievable for many of us.


Alumni or Alumni members will not have access to these funds or bank account. Only Shebu’s wife, mother and daughter can access these funds in this account once Joana reaches 18 years of age. If you are a donar and would like to know about this accounts and funds then you are always welcome to contact us.